¿Quienes Somos?


Handcrafted Chile born midyear 2015 hand of two friends who started a journey through the landscapes of the south, central and northern Chile, finding its inhabitants, artisans and small producers a distinctive element of simplicity and love for the work done by hand.

Our company is inspired drive and share this project as a contribution to the growth and development of the culture of our country, highlighted by bringing together diverse artisans and small producers in different parts of the country that provide specificity to work through noble materialss, sustainable raw materials, organic, recycled and made ​​themselves, achieving unique and unrepeatable garments and objects developed with tradition, dedication and commitment.

Nuestros Valores:

• Responsabilidad: Manifested through the generalized care of their value chain, from people ( artisans, producers, end customers), selection of raw materials, quality of products and service delivery.

• Pasión: The engine project, and that characterizes us in everything we do, looking to deliver the best of each, either in terms of, quality, development, and delivery.

• Respeto: To tradition, culture and real value of team work. culture and real value of team work, environment, raw materials and ways of working.

• Marcar la diferencia: In terms of sales and delivery of product or service, We seek no longer to sell, we seek to deliver on every transaction a unique piece of our culture.


We are a platform that seeks to promote and publicize the world the beauty of the tradition of handwork and natural resources of our country. Stressing the passion and dedication in both the selection of raw materials and workmanship.


Being one of the leading portals sales abroad, promoting the work done at national hand, growth and cultural transfer.