Murta or murtilla (ugni molinae) is the fruit of a native and wild shrub in southern Chile. This fruit has great properties that have made it stand out since the time when the Mapuche collected it to incorporate it into their diet and make infusions with their leaves.

Currently studies done by the University of Chile have verified the powerful components that this bush gives us: The murta has 2,5 times more antioxidants than wine, which helps retard aging due to its ability to neutralize the oxidative stress of cells.

lo cual ayuda a retardar elenvejecimiento gracias a su capacidad de neutralizar el estrés oxidativo de las células 2,3 times more Asian acid than gotu kola, which is widely used to stimulate the production of collagen, helping to fight cellulite, regulating blood circulation and helping the healing.

In summary, the murta or murtilla, It is a revitalizer that helps regenerate tissues with antioxidant properties, being increasingly used to help treat premature aging of the skin. Likewise, It has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties that help with the production of collagen and anti-cellulite.

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